Trailer Carts

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Trailer carts are the heavy duty haulers of garden utility carts. If attached to a wagon, these carts double the load and allow a person to pull the load safely because of the stability of the wagons. The trailers match the design of the wagon, so the entire outfit is coordinated.

Agri-Fab dump carts can haul 500, 650, or 1,000 pounds of yard material with their strong, two-piece construction. For any gardener who trims trees and shrubs, or hauls bags of cement or fertilizer, these trailer carts do the strenuous part of the job. By carrying the heavy loads, trailers save the energy of the gardener for the more important and fun parts of yard work.

Trailer Carts Ease the Burden

Built to make hauling easier, these carts have either pneumatic rib tires or turf tread tires for smooth traveling over many surfaces. Tire sizes are 14 x 4 inches on the 500- and 650-pound trailers, and 15 x 6 inches on the 1,000-pound cart. Every part of the design is intended to provide strength and durability for these hardy trailer carts.

Tailgate guides are reinforced for extra protection in the areas where the carts are likely to get the most rough treatment from loads being emptied. Rust is a problem for any outdoor utensils and equipment, so these carts have hardware made of yellow di-chromate to resist the oxidizing process. All garden carts are handy, and the great thing about them is their versatility; trailers do the job of heavy transporting.

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