Two Wheel Garden Carts

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Two wheel garden carts come in an array of models, sizes, and types. These convenient lawn and garden haulers enable gardeners and yard workers to transport awkward, large, or heavy loads with minimum effort. With two wheels for stability and balance, garden carts and dock carts take care of hauling yard equipment and debris, and marina gear and supplies.

Versatile and handy, two wheel garden carts include wheelbarrows, trash haulers, utility carts, dollycarts, trailer carts, and large capacity carts! Each has a function, although many carts have overlapping uses. Whatever the job, there is a suitable cart that is ideal for the load, the terrain, and the task.

Two Wheel Garden Carts are Versatile

Wheelbarrows are useful anywhere; they come in various sizes to accommodate everything from construction loads to yard trimmings. With large wheels, or tough, ribbed tires, these two wheelers deal with rough treatment and use with pans that are treated to keep them looking good. Whether handles are hardwood or metal, they are built to last and resist the harsh effects of weather.

Some models even fold-up for storage when not in use and to make them more convenient to transport. Agri-Fab makes dump carts with easy-release mechanisms so you can carry a load and dump it where you want it. Trailer carts are designed to attach to a wagon to double the load, or to be pulled behind a vehicle, such as a lawn tractor. Two wheel garden carts are among the most versatile pieces of yard equipment, all intended to make yard work go faster and easier.

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