Weed Eater Trimmers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Weed Eater trimmers are one of my favorite types of outdoor appliances. Nobody likes weeds, and anyone who spent a childhood pulling them out of their parents' garden can appreciate how efficiently Weed Eater trimmers deal with them. My only problem with Weed Eater trimmers is that they tend to be annoyingly loud, but the company seems to have made some progress in recent years in insulating the sounds of the engines.

Features of Weed Eater Trimmers

Weed Eater trimmers are available in three different models, the PP036, the PP136 and the PP336. These models are all basically the same--they all feature the same 31cc engine with a 17 inch cutting path. The difference is mostly in ergonomics and the shape of the cutting mechanism.

All Weed Eater trimmers come with what Poulan calls the "DuraChrome Extended Life Engine." Unlike normal engines (which are prone to corrosion), the DuraChrome Extended Life Engine will hold up well after years of use even in hot and steamy climes. Another great feature that every Weed Eater trimmer has is the tap-and-go cutting wire system that allows you to extend the cutting wire simply by pushing down the head of the cutting mechanism.

One of the best things about Poulan's trimmers is that they are compatible with a wide range of attachments. You can buy attachments that simply plug onto the end of your Weed Eater, transforming it into a tiller, an edger, and seven a leaf blower.

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