Wheelhorse Mowers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Wheelhorse mowers are currently produced by the Toro Company. The history of Wheelhorse mowers goes back several decades, when Wheelhorse was a stand-alone company that produced small tractors for home use. Toro currently offers a line of Wheelhorse mowers that follow in this tradition.

Varieties of Wheelhorse Mowers

While Toro no longer applies the Wheelhorse name to most of their mowers, most of their models can still be called Wheelhorse mowers. Toro's mowers currently come in two different designs: riding mowers and riding tractors. Both have the ability to cut grass, but each has its own special advantages.

Toro riding mowers are basically intended for cutting grass and nothing more. That doesn't mean they're not useful--they're probably the best and fastest machines out there for large and small lawn applications. Toro riding mowers are built with a large cutting deck and a very tight turning radius. This makes them extremely maneuverable and very useful on lawns with a lot of bushes, trees and curved edges.

Toro riding tractors also feature a grass cutting deck, but they have a great deal more potential than riding mowers. Riding tractors can be converted into plows, tillers, and even snow blowers. By adding special attachments to your riding tractor, you can convert it to help you with virtually all of your landscaping tasks.

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