Wheelhorse Tractors

Written by Charles Peacock
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Wheelhorse tractors have been around for quite some time. In 1946, a man named Elmer Pond began production of the first Wheelhorse tractors, and his products would become wildly popular over the next few decades. In the 1980s Wheelhorse Tractors was bought by the Toro Company, which no longer produces tractors under the Wheelhorse name.

The History of Wheelhorse Tractors

In the beginning, Pond made his Wheelhorse tractors out of pretty much any parts he could fine. He took parts from cars, farm tractors and tillers. His intent was to produce small tractors that could be used by homeowners for their lawn and gardening needs. After a few initial attempts, he succeeded wildly at his goal.

By 1957, Pond had made his first million dollars selling tractors. The original models were quite rudimentary, with the engine mounted directly in front of the driver. They were quite useful machines, however, since they supported different types of attachments and could be used for all different kinds of landscaping tasks.

Wheelhorse tractors remain incredibly popular among a large group of tractor enthusiasts. These Wheelhorse fans lament the fact that the brand was eventually sold to Toro, because Toro modernized the tractor designs and virtually did away with the Wheelhorse name. These days, Toro seems to only have one model that still carries that Wheelhorse name, but the memory lives on. In fact, many of the tractors still live on--that's how durable the original models were.

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