Wildflower Seed Mix

Written by Staff Writer
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The perfect wildflower seed mix is like the holy grail of gardening. Gardeners are always searching for the perfect mix to lend natural beauty to their landscaping projects. The right mix can take a garden from just ho-hum to something spectacular.

Which Wildflower Seed Mix is Best?

There is no one wildflower seed mix that is right for everyone. As with everything else, taste comes into play. In addition, the characteristics of the garden and the climate also play a big role.

If you live in the Southwest, for instance, you might choose a Southwest mix to best suit your garden. Perhaps you want a mix that will attract butterflies and birds. There are mixes filled with flowers that will attract these beautiful creatures.

One of the most magnificent benefits of wildflower seed mix is that you can create instant variety. Perhaps you have felt that your garden appears a bit one-sided, or lacks some delicate touch. Wildflower seed mix can fix a host of such issues quickly and beautifully. Regardless of what your favorite wildflowers are, they add an authentic--and sometimes appropriately rustic--touch to your garden. Best of all, you can find yourself surprised by the way in which these flowers spring up--you might just find that Mother Nature is able to put the finishing touches on your garden.

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