Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Written by Jared Vincenti
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When you see a well-mowed lawn, you know it. All of the grass is at an equal height, and even hard to reach corners and edges are trimmed just as perfectly as the rest of the space. Some of the angles may seem nearly impossible for a standard rider mower, and you wonder just how they did such a fine job. The answer probably involves a "zero turn" mower.

The Turn Radius and Landscaping

The problem with many mowers is that their shape gives them a limited turn radius. A turn radius is the minimal angle that allows a mower to turn all the way around. Most standard mowers need at least the length of the tractor to turn, and so narrow passages and rounded corners require many passes through the area.

A "zero turn" mower is a mower with a turn radius of, well, zero degrees. This means that the machine is able to completely rotate on itself, and turn a complete 180 degrees without changing its position. Thus, it can handle elaborate edging and otherwise unpassable spaces.

A zero turn mower represents the best kind of mower you can get. Most zero turn mowers are commercial machines that give golf courses and baseball fields the immaculate look that they need to maintain. You can get zero turn mowers for your home, but these are usually for those who are passionate about their landscaping. They tend to be more expensive than more cumbersome machines, but are the tool of choice for a flawless lawn.

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