Zoysia Grass Plugs

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When shopping for Zoysia grass plugs, there are many things to take into consideration. There are many different kinds of Zoysia grass. They are suited to different uses and environments.

Finding the Right Zoysia Grass Plugs for Your Needs

If you are looking for Zoysia grass to use in cold temperatures, Meyer Zoysia grass plugs may be the best option. They are more resistant to cold than other kinds of Zoysia. This particular variety has a beautiful, deep green color and is extremely fast spreading.

For milder, warmer climates, you may want to go with Emerald Zoysia or El Toro Zoysia grass plugs. These both do very well in full sun, while also tolerating cold well (though not as well as Meyer Zoysia). El Toro spreads faster then both Meyer and Emerald, while Emerald is the slowest of the three.

No matter what kind of Zoysia grass you need, you might want to begin your search online. There are friendly expert growers who can offer you valuable tips on increasing the life and longevity of your Zoysia grass plugs. Best of all, many of these sites have an archive of frequently asked questions, so that you can learn from concerns of other gardeners.

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