Coco Mats

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The practice of using coco mats to protect floors and grace entryways goes back centuries, and they are still manufactured today. Also called coir mats, they provide an all-natural, environmentally friendly atmosphere to a home or business. They are primarily used in interior entranceways and recessed wells to trap pollutants and keep them out of the rest of the building.

All-Natural Floor Mats

Far from simply a decorative element, coir mats utilize the strong husks of the coconut to scrape away dirt and dust from shoes. Long before synthetic fibers were introduced into floor mats, coir provided an all-natural way to achieve high-quality performance. Coir has continued to be popular even alongside more advanced matting construction techniques.

Coco mats are now available with the all-natural look of coir, but with synthetic backing to provide a tough, anti-slip base for the mat. This type of mat lends itself nicely to practical applications where a durable but attractive mat is needed. Since mats are needed to maintain clean and safe environments, it makes sense to choose stylish mats that can add their own charm to a room.

Coco mats are available in a wide variety of styles and shapes, with the option for customization with a logo or business name. With the renewed popularity of natural flooring, coco matting is now seen as a good choice for all kinds of environmentally conscious homes and businesses. A simple Internet search can yield plenty of sources for customized coco mats, with quotes available for certain sizes and quantities.

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