Company Mats

Written by Stephanie Dula
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A company's floor mats form the basis of an important element in the everyday operation of a business. They serve many functions in a particular space, including providing safety and protection from dangerous flooring conditions that may cause accidents. They can also serve to visually direct customer traffic or advertise a product or logo.

Versatile and Functional Company Mats

There are many types of mats available for commercial use, with different materials and designs for different purposes. For example, since one of the primary reasons to use floor mats is to prevent dirt and grime from damaging floors, they must be used in such a way as to eliminate as much soil as possible. Multi-level entryways often utilize a heavy duty exterior mat to scrape followed by an interior mat to absorb.

Many businesses will use a logo mat right inside a building or in the main customer service area to create a solid first impression on visitors. Other types of customized mats include those with messages or visual signs that can designate certain areas in a building. For example, a medical symbol may indicate that an area is designated for first aid supplies for employees.

Other types of floor mats include anti-fatigue mats for standing work areas, and non-slip mats for wet or greasy surfaces. While the type of floor mats used by a company may not seem like an involved decision, business owners have much to gain by carefully considering all their options. Mats are available both for rent and purchase from a variety of retailers.

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