Custom Area Rugs

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Area rugs can be used to pull an entire room together and create an overall design theme that includes wall color, fabrics, and furniture placement. They are handy when covering up unattractive carpet or hard flooring, and they help to soften loud noises and heavy footsteps. Most home and business owners can find plenty of uses for area rugs that complement their rooms' colors and styles.

Enhancing Space with Area Rugs

Area rugs have long been used to control the way people move through a room. They provide both direction through walkways and focal points for common areas. Best of all, they are portable and interchangeable, with the possibility for instant redecoration with the placement of creative and versatile rugs.

Rarely used as door mats in entranceways, area rugs are meant to be proudly displayed, not used to scrape away and trap dirt, mud, and snow. This important but unsightly job should be left to tough, heavy duty mats designed to withstand excessive traffic. These door mats can be made with synthetic or natural fibers, and should be washable, with the ability to keep dirt and grime at the door before it's allowed to enter the building.

Many businesses use area rugs both to act as a central focal point, like in a lobby, and to further display their logos. Far from the industrial look of safety mats, customized area rugs can provide a domestic touch with a non-slip backing to help prevent accidents. Since accidents can lead to dangerous falls, proper mats and non-slip carpets should be used appropriately to help protect customers and workers in any business.

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