Custom Floor Mats

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Custom floor mats are commonly used in a variety of commercial applications to ensure that a name or logo is the first thing a customer sees upon entrance to a business. Since non-slip floor mats are needed to prevent accidents anyway, it makes sense to customize them with an original logo. They provide the perfect place to further advertise a business's name, promoting long-term recognition among consumers.

Brand Recognition

Studies have shown that consumers consistently prefer brands they know over ones they don't, and businesses have taken this to heart in their advertising efforts. Logos are painstakingly created to capture the spirit of the product or service in a bold, striking image. Along with catchphrases or jingles, logos become the recognizable faces of the companies they represent.

Logos are often designed for the specific group of people or age range that is most likely to buy the product. However, marketers don't want to turn off the rest of the consumers that may choose their products, so they work hard to come up with a versatile design. The idea is to catch the eye and make a lasting impression.

The next step is to make the logo as visible as possible. This is where advertising and customized promotional products come in. This can include anything from T-shirts to coasters to duffel bags. Many businesses opt for this kind of marketing in-house, with customized floor mats, coasters, and other potential advertising spaces.

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