Door Mats

Written by Stephanie Dula
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The use of door mats has many implications in both domestic and commercial applications. Simply by placing door mats in entryways, both exterior and interior, building managers and homeowners make an extraordinary difference in the overall safety of the building. Not only do they deter accidents from common slips and falls, they trap dirt and toxins, and prevent their invasion into the rest of the building.

Door Mats and Air Quality

Studies have shown that wiping off shoes before entering a building dramatically reduces the amount of lead and other toxic dust that is tracked into a home, bringing with it the potential for serious illness and allergies. Well-used door mats have been found to have significantly larger amounts of toxic chemicals than do other surfaces in the home. They also reduce the need for constant cleaning and sweeping, especially during wet weather.

Many homeowners wisely go so far as to wipe off their shoes and then remove them at the door. This has been shown to have even greater success in preventing access to the home of sickness-causing allergens and pollutants. People commonly track in a variety of pesticides, chemicals from workplaces, and other harmful agents that can be kept in check by using a door mat.

This health hazard extends to businesses as well, multiplying the potential for all kinds of toxins with the (hopefully) many people walking through the door. Many businesses opt for both interior and exterior door mats to provide extra protection from dirt and toxins. Door mats can be purchased complete with a company's name or logo to add an extra personalized touch.

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