Entrance Mats

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Entrance mats are an effective technique for preventing the spread of dirt and germs into a home or business. Especially in buildings with carpet, entrance mats are a cost-effective way to insure clean floors with less need for extensive spot treatments and shampooing. They stop dirt and toxins before they can be tracked into a home causing allergies and other common ailments.

Types of Entrance Mats

High-quality mats should be used in both the exterior and interior of entranceways to scrape away and prevent tracking in mud, snow, and water. Exterior mats are typically non-backed, which allows for the dirt and liquid to flow through the mat and be cleaned up later. Interior mats can be used to dry the bottom of the shoe and may be backed with rubber or other materials to prevent moisture from damaging floors.

Entrance mats are now available in a vast array of colors, styles, and materials. Commercially, they are used to provide protection from the spread of dirt as well as for the prevention of accidents. Non-slip safety mats are used to prevent water being tracked in and causing accidents from slips and falls, protecting a business's liability should an injury occur.

Non-slip surfaces protect not only customers, but workers as well. Since many workplaces often have wet or greasy floors, there is much possibility for employees to endure serious injury. Using a non-slip, anti-fatigue mat with beveled edges is a good way to provide a smooth transition for workers that move around frequently during their shifts.

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