Entrance Matting

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Entrance matting materials vary widely, with many products available for use in certain commercial and domestic applications. Entrance mats bring many advantages for use at all doors to a building. Not only do they promote health and safety, they can be used to advertise a logo as well.

An entrance is the first chance to make an impression on visitors, and an unkempt doorway can take away from a company's professional image. Business owners are wise to purchase quality entrance matting that can help to stop moisture and pollutants from invading a building, wreaking havoc on air quality and expensive flooring. Entrance mats should be carefully chosen and well placed to provide optimal performance.

Effective Entrance Matting

Many businesses are well-advised to install entrance mats in a multi-stage system to best trap dirt and water. For example, many offices and large institutions have breezeways in between a set of doors. In these cases, an exterior mat should be used to scrape away snow, mud, and grime, followed by a breezeway mat to absorb moisture and dry shoes.

In buildings with carpet flooring, a mat should be used in front of the carpeted area, ideally on a hard surface or recessed well. This way, dirt is confined to an area that can be easily maintained without the need for costly steam cleaning and spot treatments. The mat itself should also be cleaned frequently according to the manufacturer's guidelines to extend its life and enhance its performance.

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