Floor Entrance Mats

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Floor entrance mats are a big part of the way a home or business operates, and there are plenty of choices when it comes to effective mats. Homes and workplaces are now designed to promote good indoor air quality (IAQ) and prevent accidents. With allergies and asthma on the rise, people are looking for viable ways to make their spaces cleaner.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

A highly effective way to reduce harmful effects of toxic substances on IAQ is to simply use a quality mat upon entering a building. Floor mats should be carefully chosen in regard to materials and construction. A heavy duty scraper mat should be placed at the exterior entrance, with an absorbent and water trapping mat just inside.

Rather than placing floor mats at highly trafficked entrances, they should be used at all entrances in order to eliminate as much grime as possible. The point is to keep the allergens and dust outside, and the floor mats are the first and best line of defense. Once inside, dirt can be cleaned off, but it's better to trap it at the door and hold it there. After all, extensive cleaning with harsh chemicals is hard on flooring as well as IAQ.

Poorly maintained mats present another negative impact on IAQ. Mats should be cleaned regularly, including vacuuming, spraying, and heat extraction, or else they become a haven for toxic substances that can be tracked in rather than trapped. Excessively dirty mats also pose a health risk for children and pets on ground level.

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