Floor Matting

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Floor matting is an important element in any home or business, lending practicality, comfort, and beauty to a room's layout. There are many ways floor mats can be placed to protect and enhance flooring, as well as effectively direct people through a space. Quality floor mats should combine an appropriate look with a safe, non-slip surface.

Effectively Using Floor Mats

Business owners have many choices when it comes to choosing floor matting for their spaces. Before settling on an attractive design, it's important to consider the characteristics of different mats including where they will be placed and what purpose they will serve. Each type of floor mat lends itself best to a certain type of use.

Commercially, safety is a huge issue, both for customers and staff. A company's liability is at risk when accidents occur, and much damage can result from common accidents due to slips and falls. Most of these accidents can be prevented, however, with the right type of safety mat. These mats should be used in entryways and in work areas to prevent wet and slippery floors.

Anti-fatigue mats are another option for work areas, and have been shown to improve employee morale and lessen absenteeism due to work-related strain and injury. Customized mats are yet another possibility for business owners, combining the function of safety with the bold display of a company name or logo. These mats are available for a variety of commercial flooring applications, including decorative rugs, safety entrance mats, and industrial anti-fatigue mats.

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