Logo Mats

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Mats have traditionally been used to protect floors, prevent slips and falls, and provide warmth and comfort. Aesthetically, mats can serve an important factor in the style of a room or commercial space. Many business owners opt for logo mats that provide a basis for advertising a brand and serve all the usual purposes of floor mats as well.

The Importance of Mat Systems

When designing a commercial matting system, it's helpful to consider how customers and staff should travel around a space for optimal business operation. In most cases, there will be certain areas not visible to the public in which workers may stand and sit for long periods. These zones should be outfitted with appropriate anti-fatigue, non-slip mats to help prevent accidents and injury.

Waiting areas, lobbies, retail, dining, and other highly visible areas call for mats that add a touch of beauty with coordinating colors and patterns. Logo mats are also useful in these areas, and should be used in prominent areas like entranceways to draw people into the building. They can also be used to provide a focal point, designating important customer service areas.

For example, large hotels may display a logo mat in the doorway, followed by a plain runner mat in a complementary color to lead people to the next stop, the registration area. Counter areas provide another good possibility for displaying the company logo on a large carpet or mat. This type of mat design helps customers and clients find the areas they need to go to, as well as reinforces the recognition of a professional logo.

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