Mat Rental

Written by Stephanie Dula
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When choosing commercial floor mats, business owners now have a variety of services from which to choose. Floor mats are necessary and many times required to prevent accidents from slips and falls. They also trap dirt and grime, protecting valuable flooring and reducing the need for extensive cleaning. Many competing companies now offer customized floor mats for businesses.

There are two basic options for obtaining quality floor mats for commercial purposes. Business owners can buy their own mats, which can often be customized with a company name or logo. They can also rent floor mats from services that charge a monthly fee for periodically picking up the mats, cleaning, and returning them.

Mat Rental vs. Purchase

Since mats can be expensive to buy initially, some people choose to pay the small monthly fee for having them provided and maintained. These rental companies typically offer other laundering services as well, for example linen and uniform cleaning. Many business owners like using rental mats because they like the idea that they are relatively maintenance free.

Other businesses opt to purchase their own floor mats up front, with full responsibility for care, maintenance, and responsibility. Many people like the freedom of purchasing a truly customized logo mat for their doorways and other highly visible areas, specifying details like materials and dimensions. Additionally, they may save money in the long run, eliminating a constant monthly bill for a rental service.

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