Matting Supply

Written by Stephanie Dula
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With the increasing emphasis on supportive flooring in a number of commercial and residential applications, people look for cost-effective ways to meet the growing demand. Many builders now install anti-fatigue underlays and panels to provide an all-over surface of support. But for those who need to improve and protect the quality of their existing floors, there are plenty of companies who specialize in custom matting.

Developing a Matting System

Depending on the facility, appropriate matting systems will vary. All areas should be carefully evaluated to assess the level of foot and wheeled traffic, as well as typical climate conditions that affect what's being tracked in the door. Many work areas are required by law to have anti-slip and safety mats.

Decreasing the likelihood for accidental slips and falls is now a major priority for business owners. Business owners are often held liable for injuries incurred from wet or slippery falls, but simply using anti-slip mats can greatly reduce damages. They can take additional measures by posting "wet floor" signs or putting up barricades to slippery areas.

Many matting supply companies can be found online, along with helpful resources for choosing the right kind of matting system for the space. The key to developing an effective matting system is to incorporate all the necessary elements for safety and aesthetics. Regular cleaning and maintenance will then ensure that mats serve their intended purposes.

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