Outdoor Logo Mats

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Outdoor mats are often used as the first line of defense against dirt and moisture being tracked into a home or business. Emblazoned with a bold logo or company name, they become a functional advertising space as well. They are available in a variety of materials, and each entranceway will have its own unique needs for effective matting.

A business owner has more to decide than just what color and style to purchase when shopping for a quality outdoor logo mat. He or she must also consider the level of traffic, weather conditions, and cleaning methods. Choosing an effective mat for any commercial space will involve some careful assessment of how a business operates.

For example, a busy restaurant located in a climate where winters are cold and snowy will no doubt have different floor mat needs than an office building in a warm climate. The high-traffic entranceway of the restaurant will need heavy duty mats to prevent dirt and water from entering the building and damaging floors. There are several appropriate mats for this particular situation.

Types of Outdoor Logo Matting

Scraper mats that come equipped with cleats are used to help remove mud and grime from people's shoes. Outdoor mats with heavy duty backing are designed to trap and hold moisture and dirt, while non-backed mats will let debris fall through to the ground to be cleaned up later. Business owners will need to incorporate the proper mat maintenance duties into their cleaning duties in order for mats to perform and look their best.

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