Rubber Floor Mats

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Rubber floor mats are commonly used in high-traffic areas to trap dirt and moisture. Rubber has long been used in all types of flooring to promote safety and help prevent accidents. This characteristic makes it useful for business and domestic applications, proving a level of security for occupants, customers, and workers.

Supportive Rubber Mats

Many employers recognize the negative effects that long-term standing can have on workers, and health and safety practices now dictate that some type of mat be used to help relieve these effects. Lower back pain, leg pain, and fatigue are just some of the factors that commonly cause mistakes and even absences. Using a rubber floor mat is just one way to better support standing workers so they can complete their tasks without undue bodily stress.

Workers should also make sure to wear the right kind of shoes that allow plenty of freedom of movement, with a non-slip heel. A work area should be designed according to the tasks at hand, with no need for reaching above shoulder level or beyond the point of comfort. Workers should also be able take frequent breaks to relieve tired, stiff muscles, as periods of rest will ensure that tasks will continue to be completed smoothly and with no pain.

Rubber mats are useful not just for support of long-term standing, but high-traffic areas as well. Rubber is capable of withstanding a lot of wear and tear, and rubber mats can provide the perfect flooring for common areas used by multiple workers. There are even coated rubber mats available that are resistant to commonly used chemicals and grease.

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