Safety Mats

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Logo door mats are now popular among business owners to provide a strong first impression and advertise a logo. But many people underestimate the importance of safety mats for their staff and customers. Using safety mats throughout a facility, not just in entranceways, can save significant money by preventing accidents that cause injury and damage liability.

Why Use Safety Mats?

Common slips and falls cost millions of dollars every year in litigation proceedings that challenge the liability of businesses involved. The injury and costs incurred by hazardous flooring are largely avoided with high-quality safety mats that provide an anti-slip surface for walkways. Safety mats should be placed on hard surfaces in common areas to prevent as many accidents as possible.

Additionally, nearly all commercial spaces can benefit from extra matting in employee areas to decrease worker injury and compensation claims. Workers typically require not only medical care expenses be paid, but time off as well, which adds up to costly damages for a company. Studies show that quality matting can significantly cut down on accidents even in areas with slick flooring conditions like industrial and food service workplaces.

Safety mats are available with added resistance to these and other hazardous flooring conditions, including chemical, oil, and grease spills. This type of coated matting material provides a cost-effective solution to common workplace flooring dangers. Though durable safety mats may seem expensive initially, they save money in the long run, significantly decreasing the risk for accidents and injury.

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