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Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Your Allergy Health and Mold

If you or any member of your family is experiencing allergy-like symptoms and these symptoms persist over several months or even years, you may be dealing with something more than just a seasonal allergy. People can be allergic to mold. Maybe you've been to doctors who keep telling you that you suffer from allergic rhinitis, but nothing you do seems to alleviate the problem. Your allergy health never seems to get better, no matter what you take or how much you clean your home.

You may be affected by mold in your heating or air conditioning ducts. You might even have mold inside your walls or in your attic or basement. If you've ever had a tub overflow or spilled water on your living room carpet, you can even have a mold infestation under the padding. The problem is that, unless you can see mold growing, finding the source of the problem can be a major undertaking.

Find Mold Inspection Experts Online

If your allergy health is deteriorating due to mold, it won't get better until the mold goes away. First you have to find the mold, and that can take an expert, especially if the mold is growing in a hard-to-reach place. Some examples of the areas that need to explored are attics, under bathroom sinks and commodes, under vinyl tile or linoleum, in crawl spaces, in walls, and behind vinyl wallpaper.

You may never see any visible evidence of mold infestation, yet you may be experiencing the effects of its presence every day. If you suspect that mold is affecting your environment, it most likely is. What you need are the services of a mold inspector, and you can find a local one online. He or she will ask you questions about what you have seen or experienced that leads you to believe you have a problem and will then perform a thorough investigation of your property, including taking samples in suspicious areas. If a mold infestation is detected and remediated, you will find that allergy symptoms will begin to get better very quickly.

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