Certified Mold Inspectors

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Find Certified Mold Inspectors Online

Mold infestation can be a real problem that affects your health and/or your property. If you suspect that the musty odor you've been living with could be mold, or if your employees are experiencing prolonged allergy-like symptoms, finding certified mold inspectors is a must. The good news is that you can find a local mold inspector by searching the Internet.

Many mold inspection companies offer services in multiple states. Search by location to find a mold inspector with the expertise to understand the particular types of mold and mold detection, remediation, and challenges in your area. Some sections of the country are far more susceptible to mold infestations than others. The South, for example, especially the deep South, is a sub-tropical, moist climate. Moisture is one of the major elements that support mold growth. It's important to find a mold inspector who understands mold in your area.

What are Certified Mold Inspectors?

A certified mold inspector is someone who has attended one of the 30 or so schools that offer courses on mold detection and remediation in the United States. After completing the required courses, the potential inspector has to pass a state test in most states. There are companies online advertising that they are mold detection experts. Make sure that the company you select employs only certified inspectors.

The inspection process generally includes setting up an appointment for an inspection that can take up to several hours. Inspection procedures can vary, but they often include a questionnaire or a series of oral questions designed to gather information about why you suspect mold growth. With your answers in hand, the inspector will then conduct an extensive inspection of your property, including visual observations and the use of detecting devices. If there is a reasonable assumption that mold growth is present, the inspector will take samples to be analyzed in a microbiology lab. The final step in the process is a detailed report with recommendations about how to deal with any mold problem.

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