Florida Inspection Services

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Florida Inspection Services Online

As a Florida resident, you may already be aware of the frequency of mold infestations throughout the state. This is due, of course, to a sub-tropical climate that promotes the growth of lush foliage and is supported by high humidity and a specific rainy season. Mold spores, the reproductive component of molds, need an organic food source, a warm temperature, and moisture in order to grow.

Florida's humidity alone can be enough to support the presence of hundreds of types of molds. The result of this is that Florida residents, especially those who live near the shore, a lake, or a river can almost count on having to deal with a mold problem at some point. Finding Florida inspection services that can handle the specific types of mold that inhabit these areas is as easy as going online. Simply enter the appropriate keywords and your local area to find one near you.

Qualifications of Florida Inspection Services

In the State of Florida, mold inspectors must be certified. In order to qualify for certification, inspectors must attend one of several schools that teach detection and/or remediation skills as well as how to collect samples for microbiological analysis and how to interpret the results. It is important to note that you should never use the services of a mold inspection service that also provides remediation services, and, in many states, this is a law.

Mold inspectors who live in or have worked in your area for several years will have a much greater understanding of the types of mold with which you may be dealing. They will also be able to recommend proven methods of treating any infestations that may have been discovered. Be sure to ask about certifications, professional affiliations, and guarantees that will indicate the company's dedication to providing excellent service.

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