Florida Mold Inspections

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Get Florida Mold Inspections from Experts

As a Florida resident, you probably already know about mold and mildew. That's because Florida's subtropical climate is ideal for supporting the growth of mold spores into mold infestations. Would you be surprised to find out that approximately 38% of all Florida homes and businesses have enough mold to cause health problems or even structural damage?

It's no wonder that so many home owners need Florida mold inspections, sometimes more than once. Finding the right inspector can be the key to eliminating an invasive problem that can be more than annoying. Today, many Florida mold inspection companies have websites detailing their expertise, affiliations, and guarantees. Many also serve broad areas of Florida and can point to years of experience with exactly the types of mold most commonly found in your area.

Florida Mold Inspections Options

Some Floridians prefer to purchase mold testing kits online and to do the initial assessment themselves. The kits cost around $100 and provide you with detailed instructions on what to look for and even how to take samples for laboratory testing. If you have seen visual evidence of a substantial amount of mold or if someone in your family is suffering from unending allergy-like symptoms, you may want to call in an expert who can conduct a thorough scientific investigation and who will be able to advise you about remediation options if a mold infestation is detected.

Your expert mold inspector should not offer remediation services or be affiliated with any mold remediation company. He or she may be able to suggest a good company to use, however. Florida is currently considering making it illegal to do both investigation and remediation. An ethical mold inspector will often advertise that he or she does not provide remediation. Finally, ask your inspector whether he or she provides a post remediation clearance inspection. Be sure to ask for advice on how to keep your home mold free after remediation.

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