Mold Inspection Reports

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Mold Inspection Reports -- The Basics

A mold inspection report is the result of a multi-part mold survey conducted at your home or business. When you contact a mold inspection company for a survey, you will be asked a series of questions pertaining to why you believe there may be mold in your environment. Some of the tangible reasons that people suspect mold include a dank, musty odor or allergy-like symptoms that persist for months and are suffered by persons living or working at a specific site.

You may have also observed a dark-colored nasty-smelling area near an air conditioning vent or at the site of an old roof leak or even outside your building in areas where there is lush vegetation that is frequently watered. Some people believe that they can eliminate a mold presence simply by dousing it with household bleach, but, often, that is not effective. Whether attempts to get rid of mold are successful depends partly on the environment and partly on the type of mold you are dealing with.

Search Online for Mold Inspection Reports Services

You might be surprised to find that many local mold inspections companies have an online presence. In fact, there are companies that service several counties or states who have inspectors that know about your specific region. Obviously, the more experience an inspector has in your local area the better. Molds species in New England may be very different from those found in Southern Texas or Florida.

Whichever mold inspection service you select, be sure that the service does not engage in mold infestation remediation, as that can represent a conflict of interest and the potential for fraud. Some states are currently enacting or considering laws to make the separation between inspection and remediation a requirement. Make sure that your mold inspector provides comprehensive and understandable mold inspection reports and that he/she will be available to answer your questions.

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