South Florida Mold

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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South Florida Mold Experts

The extent and variety of South Florida molds means that mold inspectors and remediators must have a sound, solid base of knowledge including how to find, identify, and control molds. One allergen survey of South Florida indicated that mold may be more of a problem than pollen in that area. Molds can cause a number of allergy symptoms with many people suffering from nasal congestion, eye irritation, and even wheezing.

Those who work in areas where mold growth is excessive, such as farmers, may also experience fevers, shortness of breath, and other allergic symptoms. Florida mold experts can help. You can find them online working with locally based companies and with years of experience in dealing specifically with the molds that are most common to South Florida.

Controlling South Florida Mold

Since a high level of moisture is a huge factor in the growth of molds, some of the simplest ways to minimize mold in South Florida environments include such tactics as keeping indoor humidity levels as low as possible. You can accomplish this by making sure your air conditioner is not set so high that it causes condensation on windows. You should use the ventilation fan in your bathroom when you take a shower or a long, hot bath. During the most humid months in the summer, you should consider using a dehumidifier.

If you must have a rug in your bathroom, it should be an area rug that can be washed. If you have a wet spill on any carpet, make every attempt to make sure it is clean and dry as quickly as possible. When you water your lawn or plants outside, keep the water away from the sides of your building. Clean the pan under your refrigerator often and check for leaks around appliances that use water. In short, pay attention to the areas of your home where water could be an issue and take steps to keep your environment as dry as possible.

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