Cheap Movers

Written by Serena Berger
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When you're choosing a moving company, you want to know the difference between attributes for which you might want to pay more and inflated costs that you can cut. There are extremes at both ends of the spectrum which have sucked people in with their promises, potentially to disastrous results. A very cheap mover may well just be some big guy and his cousin who will rent a van and come over and move you. If you're a student, or if you don't have much of value, this may actually be a great option for you; but if you have any special needs, delicate furniture, or breakable items, you don't want to get a mover that cheaply.

Just Pay for the Services You Get

Conversely, some movers will list all of the equipment they have expertise moving, all of the certifications and qualifications they have, and all of the equipment they own. It may well be that you don't need most of it, but you'll be paying more for the fact that they have it, anyway. You want to find a mover who suits your needs but only charges you for the services they're actually providing you.

There are some relatively large moving companies that specialize in cheap moving. One of the best ways to find them is by finding a company that will itemize their costs instead of citing you a lump sum. The ideal company will charge you for costs, and then a small margin of profit that you can assess by the itemization on your bill.

If a mover quotes you a price before finding out exactly what your needs are or talking to you about strategies, they are not the right company for you. As with any service industry, movers should understand any unique details of your situation, and then tailor a solution to them. With some businesses, you can even bargain--so if you want to get the price, give that a try after you get the initial quote. Say something like, "That figure is a little bit out of my price range. Is there anything we can do to bring it down?" You may be pleasantly surprised by the answer.

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