Corporate Moving Companies

Written by Serena Berger
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Corporate moving companies understand that time is money and strive to relocate your operations as smoothly and quickly as possible. In the realm of residential moving, a few hours or even days of lost time will probably not be too dire if you choose to move yourself and run into some trouble. If you are relocating your offices, however, that amount of lost time can result in additional delays and lost revenue.

Preparing for a Corporate Move

A smooth corporate move is dependent not only upon the moving company, but also on the company being moved. Preparation for the move is essential, such as clearly labeling all boxes so that movers can unload them without constantly asking for directions. In such cases, preparing a color-coded map can be helpful and it will most likely be welcomed by the corporate movers.

While corporate moving companies will have no problem moving the desks out of your old building and into the new one, it is advantageous to pack the contents of the desks into separate boxes. This makes the move safer for all parties involved, as the spilled contents of a desk drawer can cost time, or even worse, cause injury. If the moving company is not packing your office, be sure to take extra care with technology, as the hardware can be relatively fragile and the data can be very sensitive.

For rented items, you may need to contact your supplier, as there may be contractual obligations requiring that the equipment be moved only by their employees. If you have a freight elevator in either your old or new building, you should try and reserve it as early as possible to ensure a rapid move. Lastly, make sure that you remembered to order new stationary, as correspondence sent to your old address may be slow in finding your new offices.

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