Discount Moving Companies

Written by Tara Peris
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Discount moving companies have flourished in recent years following federal deregulation of the moving industry. Policy changes have allowed smaller, independent business groups to flourish, but have also opened the market to substantial fraud, most of which goes unchecked. Consequently, consumers have increased choices when it comes to moving services, but also a great deal more risk.

Recent changes in federal policies have served to uproot the monopolies that had effectively corned the market in the moving industry. As is the American way, small businesses have sprung up and prospered now that the cumbersome restrictions of yesteryear have been lifted. At the same time, there is virtually nothing to regulate current business practices, and this poses a significant threat to prospective customers.

Deregulation and Discount Moving Companies
Take for example, the process by which estimates are provided. It is left to the company to choose whether it employs a moving estimate based on the anticipated weight or cubic feet of your belongings. It is often the case that a discount moving company will offer a low-ball price based on cubic feet. However, although regulations require that companies provide their customers with a verification of actual weight from federal weigh stations, there is nothing that requires them to verify cubic feet.

Consequently, they are in a position to charge you extra on arrival if they claim your belongings took up more space than originally estimated. There is nothing you can do to contest this, and in these cases, the only way to get your goods is to pay up. When evaluating discount moving companies, make sure they won't do this to you; inquire about a binding estimate based on anticipated weight.

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