Household Movers

Written by Rachel Pearl
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Household movers can be an infuriating lot if you get stuck with a bunch of unprofessional guys whose only interest is getting paid. Movers can get away with anything these days, and they will if you don't choose wisely. Consider these critical steps next time you look for household movers.

The first thing to do is avoid the Internet. This may seem counter-intuitive, as the Web is a prime source for information. It is a great tool for investigating and learning about companies, but it should never be your only resource. You should consult the phone book for local agencies and should also ask any moving company for references whom you can contact by phone.

Choosing Reliable Household Movers
The next thing you should do is look for companies who can provide an in-home estimate. This is the most reliable way to evaluate the cost of a move. If the businesses you are considering don't do in-home estimates, you should at the very least make sure they charge based on weight and not cubic feet.

Once you have a group of 3-4 potential van lines, you should return to the Internet and get online. You should get the DOT number and MC number from each prospective company and look them up on the federal database, This will allow you to make sure they are certified to move you and have the necessary insurance. These steps are not foolproof, but they are an important move in the right direction.

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