Interstate Movers

Written by Rachel Pearl
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Interstate movers must have appropriate licensing in order to conduct countrywide moves. The proliferation of scam companies has made it all too easy to get duped by small companies who are not in a position to conduct your move. When you consider a moving company, a central part of the evaluation process should involve verifying that they are licensed to conduct interstate moves.

The Internet can be a double-edged sword sometimes. Everyone has access to it, which is clearly one of its better qualities. At the same time, anyone can misuse it, from child abusers to fraudulent companies. When it comes to household movers, it is very easy for companies to misrepresent themselves, and this can be especially problematic for an interstate move.

Basic Background on Interstate Movers
To make sure that the company you go with can actually complete your move successfully, reference their DOT number and make sure they are licensed to do interstate moves. The federal database also provides information on the size of the company. You can consult the number of drivers and number of units (i.e., trucks) to get a clearer sense of the company with whom you are dealing.

If a company tells you they do 500 interstate moves a year, but only has 2 drivers and 3 trucks, you know something is wrong. Small companies or new interstate movers can indeed be trustworthy, but you need to make sure they have the resources and certification to complete your move successfully.

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