Interstate Movers

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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You've probably heard some horror stories about interstate movers. If you haven't, chances are it's because you just began your search for long distance movers. Once you start looking in earnest for the interstate movers with the lowest fees and best services, you'll quickly encounter first-person accounts of moving nightmares.

Most of these stories hinge on money. You would think they'd hinge on lost boxes or broken antiques, but more often than not, it comes down to money. The truth is, there are plenty of competent movers out there. Incompetence isn't the root of the problem. Unethical behavior is.

Unethical Interstate Movers

A friend of mine recently moved from New York to Los Angeles. Being the thorough fellow that he is, he started looking for his interstate movers about two months in advance. What he read on the Internet so appalled him, he ended up renting a truck, and doing all the moving himself. Mind you, my friend has a bad back, a busy schedule, and hates to drive. He didn't want to move his own things across country. He just felt he had to.

That's because of all the terrible tales he'd read on the Internet about moving companies who double or even triple their moving estimates the moment all your belongings are loaded in the truck. It's not at all unusual for a moving company to estimate a move at $1000 over the phone, then announce that the actual fee will be $3000 or even $4000 once your belongings are loaded. In fact, it's practically industry standard.

What recourse do you have if your moving company behaves so unethically? You don't really have any. All they ever gave you was an "estimate." They'll claim with a straight face that they aren't guilty of bad ethics--just shoddy estimations. Your fresh new start in a brand new city has now been sullied by interstate movers who took you for a ride.

Interstate Movers and Moving Stress

Moving to another state is one of the most stressful things a person can do. At no other time in your life do you have to juggle so many loose ends. It's not just about packing up books and appliances. You've got to change bank accounts, club memberships, move dental and medical records, enroll in new schools, transfer safety deposit boxes, and have school transcripts moved.

You've got to make sure your insurance covers you in your new home, and while you're at it, you've got to find that new home! Then there's dealing with the banks, mortgage brokers, and realtors. The little details, like picking up dry cleaning or returning library books, are enough to push you over the edge. Dealing with the possibility of unethical interstate movers at such a stressful time is just too much to take.

So what can you do? Frankly, I think you've got just two choices. The first possibility is to move your belongings yourself. The second option is to hire interstate movers who guarantee their prices. Very few of these movers exist. However, as distrust of moving companies becomes more and more widespread, expect to see more of these "guaranteed price" moving companies spring into being.

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