Local Movers

Written by Linda Alexander
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Local moves are usually charged by the hour and depend on the size of the truck and how many people are employed. Packing and storage are charged separately. Moving companies generally charge for local moves according to driving time between destinations, and the time spent on the job. In order to keep costs down, you should prepare well, by staying organized and packing ahead of time.

Arranging Local Moves

Usually, moving companies only need a few weeks' notice to arrange a local move. A secret you will not hear from your mover is that off-peak times usually cost less than moving during peak times like school holidays and the first of the month. Moving after Labor Day can be very inexpensive--summer months are busy.

Another off-peak time to move is during the week. On weekdays, local movers are less busy than on weekends, when many people are off from work. Your mover will not volunteer this information, so you will have to ask.

It's also important to get several quotes on local moving, since time might vary. Hourly rates are different from one company to another, and some companies might employ more people to handle your move, which seems like it would cost more but can actually cost less if the job gets done quicker. Getting quotes through a relocation assistance website will save you time and help you narrow down your results.

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