Long Distance Movers

Written by Rachel Pearl
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Long distance movers must contend with a great deal of competition these days. The market has rapidly expanded, and this is ultimately good news for the consumer. You are in a better position than ever to get multiple quotes, compare offers, and fully research the various household movers you are considering.

When the moving industry was deregulated in the 1980s, smaller companies were allowed to flourish. These little guys take a lot of flak, as there are many fraudulent businesses out there. However, they are not all bad and independent movers shouldn't be summarily dismissed without careful consideration. Anyone providing moving services must start somewhere, and there are honest people out there.

Prices for Long Distance Movers
To stay in the game, smaller companies are often more willing to negotiate on price. This is an outstanding opportunity for the consumer, provided the company is legitimate. You should be very skeptical of a moving company that gives you a quote well below that of the other van lines you consider. Low-balling is a primary scam technique.

However, if someone is willing to include certain packing services, or to base your estimate on weight when they typically go based on feet, you should jump at the chance. Take advantage of what the current market situation has to offer. There is ample opportunity to secure excellent long distance movers at a reasonable price.

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