Long Distance Movers

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Choosing your long distance movers can be very stressful. You worked hard to earn your belongings. Lord knows furniture, books, art and appliances don't come cheap. That television or computer probably didn't just appear in your life. You earned it, with your hours of hard work.

The thought of trusting all those beloved and expensive belongings with long distance movers you don't know is very disconcerting. What if the long distance moving company loses some of your boxes? Or breaks some of your appliances? What recourse will you have? What if they damage or lose items that are irreplaceable?

Policing Your Long Distance Movers

Although the above concerns are legitimate, they can be remedied. Make sure all items are packed extremely well. Use bubble wraps and padding to buffer precious items. Watch the movers load and unload the truck. The long distance movers will also have an inventory of the items they packed. Make sure these items are all unpacked.

You can police the quality of the move. But how do you police the price of it? Horror stories of interstate movers who triple or quadruple their estimated prices are all too common. To dodge this unethical bullet, use only those companies that guarantee their prices before the move.

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