Moving And Storage

Written by Linda Alexander
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Often, when you move you will need storage. This could be for a time when you are looking for a new home, or it could be that you are moving into a smaller place but do not want to part with some of your belongings. Sometimes, you will move into a temporary home and need a place to store things until you find your permanent place to live.

Storage facilities are convenient locations to keep your extra stuff. Most moving companies offer storage services as an option. If it's just for a few days, they will usually store your belongings on the moving truck they use to move you. For any length of time longer than that, they will transport your goods to a storage facility.

How Companies Charge for Storage

You will pay for the storage facility you use on a monthly basis. The fees depend on the size of the storage unit you rent. If you are looking for a local storage place to keep your extra stuff, your moving company can probably help you find one. If not, there are relocation services that will find them for you, and even get you quotes on prices.

If you are not moving, you can still take advantage of storage. Clean your household goods out and rid yourself of anything extra. You can also store out-of-season items and clothing. You'll have access to the unit any time the facility is open, so you will always be able to get to your stuff when you need it.

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