Moving To Another State

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Moving to another state can be stressful. Never mind that the move might be a happy one. Even if you're moving to another state because you just got a great job, are retiring to your dream home, or just got married, it's still stressful. Follow a few simple steps to make your move less of a headache.

Moving to Another State, the Smart Way

First, don't procrastinate! This is the Number One rule of moving the smart way. Moving to another state requires a lot more than packing or hiring interstate movers. You'll want to open a bank account in your new home state before you arrive. You'll need to contact all your utilities companies as early as possible, particularly if you want services like DSL available in your new home quickly.

You'll need to transfer the contents of your safety deposit box, as well as records, like medical and dental records, or school transcripts. The odds and ends can really kill you when you're moving and relocating. Remember to cancel the newspaper, pick up any stray dry cleaning or cobbled shoes, return all library books, and so on.

Spend some time looking for a long distance moving company you can trust. If you can find one that will guarantee its estimate, consider yourself lucky, and hire them. Most companies estimate very low. You're liable to owe double or triple the price they originally quoted to you, unless you get a guarantee.

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