Moving Checklists

Written by Linda Alexander
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There are many moving checklists online that can help you get organized prior to your moving date. Usually, they include advice like taking inventory of your household goods and cleaning before you move. I cannot stress enough how important this is. Recently, I moved from one apartment to another in the same complex. Thinking it would be a "simple" move, I did not organize my belongings. It took me four months to get everything unpacked and put away. It was a living nightmare.

Moving checklists also tell you to throw away things you do not need, donate items to charity and hold a garage sale to unload items you will not be taking with you. Getting rid of unnecessary things will literally lighten your load and lower the costs to move. When you only take what is necessary, your new home will be less cluttered and you will have less stuff to put away.

Other Items to Check Off the List

It is important that you make arrangements for your plants and pets to be transported also. Most movers will not take plants because they do not want to be responsible if the plants die. Your pets will need to have their shots updated and you should take a health certificate with you for interstate travel or for staying at hotels with them while you are in transit.

Remember that moving involves more than just taking your belongings with you. You will also have to cancel your phone service and utilities, and get them connected at your new place. You will have to have your mail forwarded and update your address with your friends and relatives. All this is time consuming, but hiring a moving company will take away a lot of the effort and save you a bunch of time and stress.

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