Moving Company

Written by Rachel Pearl
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A moving company should bend over backward these days to court you. There is so much competition on the market that these guys are really kept on their toes to stay in business. Use this to your advantage when you negotiate the details of your move, and you are likely to be much more satisfied with the services you receive.

Moving companies typically begin by coming on very strong. They want your business and they seem to think the best way to get it is to badger you into signing with them. This is never a great sign with a moving company, but you can use it to your advantage if you know what to ask for.

Getting the Most from Your Moving Company
You need to strike while the iron is hot with these guys. While they are giving you maximal attention, ask for their DOT and MC numbers. Also ask for a local address and local phone number, in addition to the toll free number. A good moving company will have most of this information readily available from their web site, but if they don't be sure to get it while they're showering you with attention.

In addition, use this time to secure references. Ask your movers to give you the names and numbers of 2-3 people who have required similar moving services from them. Then call them. It is ultimately a numbers game with many of these guys, so to get the most from them, you need to capitalize early before they move on to their next potential customer.

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