Nationwide Moving Company

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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If you've been researching which nationwide moving company to hire for your upcoming move, chances are you've read some real horror stories. You hear all the time about interstate movers who give moving estimates that are a mere fraction of what they intend to charge.

A nationwide moving company might estimate a move at $500 to $750. Once they've loaded all your belongings into the truck and locked it up, however, they tell you that it's actually going to cost $2500. If you don't want to get bamboozled by an unscrupulous nationwide moving company, what can you do to protect yourself?

Choosing an Ethical Nationwide Moving Company

Absolutely the smartest thing you can do is to choose a company that will guarantee its estimates. These companies are rare, but they do exist. If your movers will put their estimate in writing, you can breathe easy, knowing it's guaranteed.

This system relies on full disclosure from the customer, however. You can't tell them you're only moving a bed, then suddenly remember on the day of the move that you also have a couch, refrigerator, and dining room set to move. This system relies on honesty from both parties.

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