New York City Moving Companies

Written by Serena Berger
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If you are going to be moving within, to, or from New York, you'll want to find a reputable moving company that can take care of all your needs. That means treating your belongings with respect, moving them safely, and providing efficient service as promised in their estimate. It also means knowing New York and being able to anticipate and deal with any of the difficulties that come with moving in one of the most crowded and potentially overwhelming places in the world.

Where else but NYC might you be moving to a seventh floor walk-up apartment with staircases that are only a few feet wide? Where else might there be so much traffic on the roads leading to and in front of your new home that you're likely to sit in traffic for hours just to go a few miles and be unable to park a vehicle anywhere near your home? Moving in New York makes the normal stresses of moving pale in comparison, which is saying a lot, because moving is generally considered one of the most stressful experiences people undergo in their lives!

You probably realize that moving in New York is going to cost more than moving in other parts of the country. Not only are you going to be paying for the added "New York Savvy" factor that is needed to pull off a Manhattan move without a hitch, there's also the fact that everything is just more expensive in New York, period. This is just a caution in case you have moved before, elsewhere in the US, and now you're going to be moving to New York. While it may cost more, you may well be better off getting a New York mover to come to you and move you to New York than you would be having your local mover bring your household to New York.

What to Look for in New York City Moving Companies

Other important things are finding a mover that is properly insured and qualified to handle any unique items that you have. Moving a piano, for instance, requires training and knowledge than many guys who rent out their services with a van don't have. If you have a really unique piece of furniture, you should expect your mover to be willing to come and look at it beforehand (or at least look at some digital photographs that you send online) to make sure that they're prepared to care for it. You want to know that if anything should go wrong, your mover is insured to pay you back fully for an item that is broken or pay the repair costs for anything that is damaged.

One of the horror stories that many people have encountered when they move is that they're given an estimate and then the movers show up on moving day and tell them it's going to cost them significantly more. Movers can do this because you're on a schedule and you won't want to lose the time, or because you'll be at a loss as to what alternatives you may have on short notice if you dismiss the first movers. Don't be a victim of this scheme!

Get an Honest and Competent Mover in New York

There are a couple of things that you can do to avoid it. First, you do have to give the movers an accurate assessment of what you're going to have. They'll want to know how many boxes and how many pieces of furniture you have, what floor you live on and whether there are elevators, and whether you need them to do any packing. If you don't answer these questions honestly, you'll get a lower estimate, but the movers will have a legitimate reason to tell you the move will cost more when they get there. Ideally, have an agent come from the company to give you a quote in person.

If you do answer the questions accurately or get the professional estimate, you have the right to expect that your move will cost what the company tells you it's going to cost. Get the estimate in writing, whenever possible. If the movers arrive on moving day and tell you they want to charge more, be prepared to call a supervisor and argue, citing the agreement that was made and the accuracy of the information included. You should, however, always have a backup plan. Find another service in the area that tells you they can do last minute moves. If your movers give you a new price that seems unfair, tell them, "Thanks, but no thanks--I'll be going with someone else."

Of course, the ideal is to find a moving company that won't do this kind of thing at all. A reputable, professional company with years of experience and repeat clientele is what you're looking for. You should be able to find or ask for client testimonials for any mover you are thinking about using. If you can't, that's a red flag already. If you can, it will give you peace of mind that you're making a good choice.

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