New York Moving Costs

Written by Serena Berger
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It is almost certain that an amount of space in New York will cost significantly more than the same amount anywhere else in the country. Even if you've lived in a city like San Francisco, Minneapolis, Boston, or Philadelphia, you'll be shocked to find out what it's going to cost to live in Manhattan. While salaries are higher in New York for some jobs to cover the higher cost of living, many people find that their standards of living diminish if they come to the Big Apple.

Storage Is Another Moving Cost

In fact, because you are likely to have less space than you had wherever you lived before, one of the major costs of moving to New York is likely to be getting storage space. Some people choose to sell furniture and belongings that won't fit in their new apartments, but others look at this as a temporary state of affairs. If you're hoping to move back into a bigger place relatively soon, you might consider storing your furniture instead of selling it.

Furthermore, if you have something really special, you might not want to sell it, regardless of the financial ramifications. Some people have inherited antique furniture which has been in the family for over a hundred years. You wouldn't want to give up your great grandmother's dining table just because it will be a couple of years before you have a dining room.

You can usually find storage space which is relatively close to the amount that you need. Don't pay for a huge storage lot when an 8' x 10' room will do. Also, check with your movers about what storage space they recommend--they may even offer low cost storage themselves.

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