New York Moving Supplies

Written by Serena Berger
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To pull off any move as efficiently and safely as possible, there are a couple of things that you will need. The most important are boxes and tape, cables and blankets or other insulation, and some kind of dolly or cart with wheels. Your mover may provide some of these for free and you may be able to find others at no cost, but you also need to budget them into your own estimate of the cost of moving just to make sure you're prepared for the expenses.

Essential Moving Supplies

If you are moving by yourself, cord and insulation will be the biggest surprise in terms of what you need. If you've ever looked into the back of a moving truck, you've seen piles of what look like large quilts and jumper cables. The cables are to secure the furniture to the sides of the truck, and the heavy cloths are to make sure that if something unboxed comes into contact with something else that could damage it, there won't be any damage done.

Unless you have friends who might be able to make the WWE, you'll also need some sort of contraption with wheels to move heavier and larger pieces of furniture. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself trying to lift something that weighs more than twice what you do. Furthermore, why wear yourself out carrying boxes when it's easy to stack them on a dolly and roll five times as many at once?

Don't skimp on packing tape, either, especially on heavy boxes. One strip of tape holding a box of books, dishes, or a heavy stereo component closed is not going to give you peace of mind. Reinforce your boxes on the underside so that nothing falls out, gets broken or causes a hazard for you or your movers.

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