Packing Services

Written by Serena Berger
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Most movers offer packing services. These can be extremely useful, especially if you are more concerned with time than with money. A few experienced movers working together can get your entire apartment packed in a matter of hours, which is significantly more impressive than the days it would take you. Obviously, an entire house takes proportionally longer to get packed, but the time you save grows as well.

Collaborating with Professional Packing Services

You still want to be involved in packing, however, even when you have a competent packing service. They may suggest a great system for color coding or labeling boxes, but it will only work if you are there to tell them what's really important. Also, you should consider packing your valuable personal items yourself. Even when dealing with movers with an impeccable reputation, your peace of mind will be greater if you take care of your jewelry and papers that have important personal information on them yourself.

Your movers should make a point of packing a couple of boxes with things that you will need immediately in your new home. Be even more practical and pack them by room, and then make sure that you label them clearly. When you move in, just unpack "Bedroom 1," "Kitchen 1," "Bathroom 1," and so on. You'll be ready for your first night, probably in an hour or so, which will make you feel better about things right away.

You can just have movers pack a couple of things if you had time to take care of most of it yourself but wanted to make sure fragile belongings were safe. Sometimes, too, we tend towards overkill when packing something we think of as breakable. Professional movers know what needs to be done to keep china or glass safe, and they won't pack it in so much extra material that you have thirty more boxes than you really need and half a rainforest on your conscience.

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