Packing Tips

Written by Serena Berger
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Packing efficiently will save you time and money when you're moving. First of all, get yourself free boxes instead of paying the relatively high rates for cardboard boxes sold by moving companies. Offices, grocery stores, and most local business all have a plethora of boxes sitting around from deliveries, and you can save a lot of money by simply asking for them.

You also have to be a little bit ruthless and make sure you're not packing anything you don't actually need. Some people use the rule of thumb that if you haven't worn, used, or even seen something in your house in over six months (or a year), it goes to Goodwill or a yard sale, but not to your new home. There are a number of moving companies that charge by the pound, and those that don't charge by the box--either way, the less you pack, the more you save.

Some Good Packing Tips

Start packing as soon as you can, assuming that you have the space to store your packed boxes. Believe it or not, your entire home or apartment when packed up might occupy more space than you have! Pack the things that you don't use very often but which don't take up more space when packed first. Slowly add in the things which take up more space when rolled in paper or insulation.

The heavier the thing being packed, the smaller the box should be. Books should always go in small boxes--they get impossibly heavy surprisingly fast. Consider using your linens as packing material with some breakable items. That can take care of two problems as efficiently as possible. Always ask your movers for packing tips, too. They may have a handy brochure or website with tips you wouldn't have thought of yourself.

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