Professional Movers

Written by Serena Berger
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If the cost of professional movers seems as though it would prohibit you from using their services, there are a few things to consider that might make you more optimistic. You don't have to use professional movers for your whole move. Consider the way the movers charge, and then make a decision about where their services are most valuable to you.

Splitting Your Move with Professional Movers

Some movers charge by the hour, so you could make sure that they're at your home for no more than an hour or two, and just use them move the big pieces of furniture that are hard for you to manage. A bed, heavy bureau, large dining room table, or large plasma TV (should you be so lucky) are all things you don't want to move on your own. But you don't necessarily need to pay someone to spend time moving your boxes of clothes, books, and kitchen materials if you can put them in a van yourself or you don't mind taking a couple of trips in your car.

This also works with movers who charge by the number of boxes and items to be moved. There are a lot of space-consuming items that are really quite light and portable. If you fold up the comforter from your bed and add in your pillows and linens, those will take up a couple of large boxes. Proportionally, you'd be paying professional movers a lot to move something that's easy to move, and there's no reason that you shouldn't be able to pack and carry those items easily yourself.

Let the professionals take care of the stuff that's hard to pack, really heavy, or that you want to have insured. They won't be insulted that you want to handle part of the move yourself or that you're sticking them with the hard part--that's what they're there for. The cost of renting a van yourself or taking a few car trips with the rest of your belongings will be much smaller--so if your time is more expendable than your income, use professional movers but use them judiciously.

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