Relocation Services

Written by Serena Berger
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Relocation services are rapidly becoming a standard part of many job offers. While they may be of nominal cost to the company, they have a high perceived value from the perspective of the new employee. Not only does relocation support provide a financial incentive, it also gives the impression that the company truly cares about the well being of the individual, promoting a healthy company culture.

Relocation services can be as simple as providing someone with a list of realtors in the area as well as moving companies, or as comprehensive as setting up appointments to go house hunting and getting you a gym membership. The size of the company may dictate the degree of service that they are able to provide. For an exceptional candidate, however, a company might be willing to go a step further and provide as much assistance as possible to make him or her feel wanted.

Coping with Relocating

Relocation costs are not only financial, but also involve the implied cost of leaving a familiar setting and moving to a new environment. For those with significant others, relocating could mean a long distance relationship or the need for a partner to find a new job. Some truly fantastic relocation services will also help significant others find job placements in the area.

If the company which has offered you a position does not volunteer to provide you with relocation services, it may still be within your power to negotiate them in some form. If the company isn't going to give you money, you can still ask to be put in touch with some employees who might be able to give you good advice. They might even come and help you with moving in.

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